I have successfully rooted my old Kindle Fire HD 7” tablet and installed Android 4.4.2!

I noticed I kept getting a “Google Keyboard has stopped unexpectedly”. So how did I get that fixed? By empying the cache of the Google Keyboard app.

Now my Kindle Fire HD 7” runs Android 4.4.2 with no problem!

And the best part? I can still install Kindle from the Google Play Store and have access to my Kindle library.

Saw a news story today about how pure caffeine powder can be bought online, and a full teaspoon of caffeine can kill you.

Since pure caffeine powder is considered a dietary supplement, the FDA is legally prohibited from regulating it. I think it’s time to amend DSHEA - the Dietary Supplements Health & Education Act - in order to remove caffeins’s status as a “dietary supplement” and regulate caffeine over a certain amount as a controlled substance.

Proof that pure caffeine can be bought on eBay:

Meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans need to put their petty, insignificant differences aside and unite as one to get mandatory GMO labeling or a GMO ban.

While certain “holier than thou” vegetarians/vegans are treating their dietary lifestyle as a religion and acting like a vegan faction of the Westboro Baptist Church, Monsanto is cramming GMOs down everybody’s throats and buying off the politicians.

While meat eaters are making fun of vegetarians/vegans, Monsanto is pumping your meat with growth hormones and GMO grains.

I don’t give a flying fuck about the petty insignificant bickering between meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans. I’m more concerned about eliminating GMO foods and returning to the days when all crops were organic and natural.

If you meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans want to be tools of the system and engage in petty insignificant partisan bullshit, then be my guest. I refuse to be a tool of the system.

After reading this, I have to say Infowars is starting to look like a Kremlin propaganda front.

Personally, I see no difference between illegal military invasions in the name of “democracy” and “peace” and the Crusades in the name of “Christianity.”

Jesus said “love one another as I have loved you”. I don’t see how killing innocent people in the name of “democracy,” “peace,” and “Christianity” is loving.

I’m sorry, but Raw Story has turned into a government propaganda machine promoting the New Cold War.

If Raw Story had been around in the 1950s (assuming that modern technology were available at the time), Raw Story would be defending Joseph McCarthy’s communist witch hunt.

RIP James Garner (1928-2014)

Little known fact: James Garner was born James Bumgarner and has a nephew Terry Bumgarner who used to head up the sports department for WOWK 13 in Huntington, WV. Terry Bumgarner is now an executive for CMT.

Karen Mitchell is to Hardcore Pawn as Cousin Oliver was to The Brady Bunch.

Now that I’ve found a better development platform for developing my customized remasters of Ubuntu (my MacBook and VMware Fusion), I think I’m gonna convert my old netbook into an Android laptop.

It’s sad that a news reporter gets attacked with his own tripod just because he was doing his job of reporting possible horse abuse and filming from public property. I guess the right wing prick who attacked the reporter is okay with states criminalizing animal welfare activists as terrorists for undercover filming of animal abuse at factory farms. This makes me proud to be an animal welfare activist myself as well as a paying member of the Humane Society.

I personally believe that copyright laws are an ancient relic which need to be done away with. Copyright laws - and the abuse of copyright laws - stand in the way of innovation, and without innovation, the United States will fall further behind in the tech sector.

The Aereo decision just reaffirms my belief that the Supreme Court is in the tank for Big Business and Big Media. It wouldn’t surprise me if the justices who ruled against Aereo received hefty checks from Big Media.

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