Getting ready to test drive OS X Yosemite.

Is it just me, or does anybody else think the Toaster Strudel ads portray the negative stereotype that all German boys are fair-skinned, blond-haired Aryan types?

My theory on why Mars’ rivers disapeared

My theory is a major asteroid impact - either one huge asteroid or a series of small-to-medium asteroid impacts - had enough force to cause a shift in Mara’ orbit which caused the planet’s gravity to weaken and therefore cause the planer’s liquid water to float away into space.

So according to a Texas appeals court, taking photographs under a woman’s skirt is protected by the First Amendment.

Wait until one of those judges’ underage daughters gets upskirted. Then they’ll regret their decision to give First Amendment protection to perv upskirters.

Call me crazy, but I actually believe Alex Trebek looks a little younger with his new mustache.

Since Miranda Larkin’s mother has threatened to file a Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act lawsuit for the “DRESS CODE VIOLATOR” public shaming, expect the teachers and administrators to retaliate against her by watching her every single move and write her up for the slightest infraction while allowing other students to go unpunished for the same infractions. That’s what control freaks on power trips do.

Can’t believe Alex Jones and his chief lackey Paul Joseph Watson are claiming the Illuminati caused Joan Rivers to die because of her recent comment about the Obamas.

NEWS FLASH! Joan Rivers has had health problems, and when you have health problems, the risk of death increases. So spare me of any ridiculous “heart attack gun” conspiracy theories.

Does EVERYTHING have to be a conspiracy theory with you two?

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