Two days ago marked the 42nd anniversary of the Kent State shootings where national guardsmen murdered four anti-war protestors in cold blood.

Goess what started it all?

Undercover FBI agents - who infiltrated the protestors as agents provocateurs - fired at the guardsmen.

This is how the United States of America reacts to anything which threatens either the Military-Industrial Complex or Big Business. (According to the government, war is big business. Who do you think is the biggest employers in the private sector? Defense contractors such as General Electric and BAE Systems/Lockheed Martin.) When a movement threatens the establishment, they send agents provocateurs in to stage a crisis to not only discredit the movement but to also give the police an excuse to target innocent people.

Agents provocateur paid by the FBI infiltrated the WTO protests in 1999. The protests were peaceful and the law enforcement officials were just keeping things in order, and once the provocateurs instigated violence, the police sprung into action and beat the shit out of innocent bystanders.

God bless America, huh?

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