The many front groups of Rick Berman

  • Center for Consumer Freedom (front group funded by the alcohol, tobacco, and chain restaurant industries; Rick Berman was president of the Steak & Ale restaurant chain; funded by Monsanto and pushes a “pro-GMO”/”anti-organic” agenda; campaigns against Proposition 37
  • Center for Union Facts (funded by Wal Mart, the largest anti-union department store chain)
  • American Beverage Institute (alcohol/tobacco industry front group which is against lowering “blood alcohol limits” for drivers; against smoking bans in bars and restaurants; against laws which require ignition interlock devices in vehicles belonging to convicted drunk drivers; calls MADD “neo-prohibitionists”
  • Employment Policies Institute (against employment-related policies such as raising the minimum wage and providing health benefits to workers
  • Humane Society for Shelter Pets (anti-HSUS campaign which supports puppy mills)

Read more about Rick Berman here and here. Information on his lobbying firm Berman & Co. can be found here.

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